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About Rajam Murali Madam

It is quite natural for anyone to look beautiful and everyone has inherent beauty. To have the feeling of happiness, we beautify ourselves. It may not be possible for all to visit beauty Parlour for various reasons. One can enhance their beauty while being at home using the commonly available ingredients in the kitchen. The nature has provided a number of beauty products in the form of herbs which have medicinal properties besides its use in our food.

The preparations with herbs as ingredients have curative qualities for various ailments/beauty related problems like hair fall, dandruff, lice, pimples, marks etc. Unlike chemical based beauty products, the herb based products have no side-effects on the users.

However in the present modern times, the interest of people in the use of our traditional herb based beauty products has reduced. To rekindle the interest among people, Mrs. Rajam Murali has been creating the awareness about herbs for over a decade by contributing articles in magazines, publishing books and by giving programmes in television about beauty related problems and giving solutions based on herbal preparations.She also conducts seminars and workshops on herb based beauty products. Mrs. Rajam Murali is a graduate in Economics and has diploma of Indian Council of Alternative Medicine.

Mrs.Rajam Murali



Workshops Conducted/Participated:

•One day workshop on Herbal Based Hair and Skin Products at GRT Grand Day in the year 2000 Guest lecture on 'Motivating Women Entrepreneurs' organised by Nationlised Banks in the year 2002/2006/2009

•One Day workshop conducted by Federation of Indian Industries Women Enterprises in the year 2004 Guest of Honour by MOOWES (a Women Organisation) in the year 2000

•One day Herbal Workshop on Skin, Hair and Body Care at BR Mathsya, Chennai on 12-Feb-2012

Television Programs Conducted:

•Azhagukkalai - DD-Podhigai - Live show for more than 100 episodes between the year 2009-2011

•Pudhiya Thisaigal - AIR (All India Radio) - Talk show on beauty tips for continuous 10 episodes between the year 1996-1997

•Participated in various Doordarshan program like Illam Iniya Illam, Manai Matchi, Sundari Saundari and Azhagukkaana Samaiyal Santheygangal

•AzhagukKurippugal in Sun TV and Jaya TV

Books Authoured:

•The below books are available at all leading book stores:

•Azhagum Arogyamum Tharum Mooligaigal in Tamil (Karpagam Publishers, Chennai Phone: 044-28154347)

•Pazhagiya Porul Azhagiya Mugam in Tamil (Vikatan Publishers, Chennai)

•Iyarkai Tharum Ilamai Varam in Tamil (Vikatan Publishers, Chennai)

•Pazhagiya Porul…Azhagiya Mugam! in Tamil (Vikatan Publishers, Chennai)

•Azhagey Arogyamey in Tamil (Vikatan Publishers, Chennai)

Supplement to the below magazines:

•"Azhagukku 60" - Gokulam Kadhir - August, 1999

•"30 vagai Kanji" - Aval Vikatan - 12-May-2006

•"Azhagu Tharum 30 unavugal" - Aval Vikatan - 23-June-2006

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